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Looking east, from Glennamong peak, in the Nephin Beg range

The Nephin Beg mountain range


The Nephin Beg mountain range dominates the skyline looking north over Clew Bay.

It extends westward from Nephin (806m, 2,644ft) to Claggan Mountain (383m, 1,257ft), north of Mulranny.

Other principal summits include, moving westward from Nephin: Knockaffertagh (517m, 1,696ft), Birreencorragh (698m, 2,290ft), Mount Eagle (427m, 1,401ft), Buckoogh (588m, 1,929ft), Bengorm (582m, 1,909ft), Nephin Beg (627m, 2,057ft) and Glennamong (628m, 2,060ft).

The Bangor Trail passes through the range, on its way from near Newport to Bangor Erris, and the Letterkeen loop walks are north of Lough Feeagh in the midst of the range. The Great Western Greenway runs along the southern edge of the Nephin Beg range.


 The Nephin Beg mountain range on the map

Pic: Richard Webb/Creative Commons

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