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Adventure In The Air

If it is adventure your  looking for than we have right here, Adventure in the Sky.  A Fantastic new and Safe “Sky Challenge Course” in Westport, Co Mayo. This custom designed innovative and unique Free Standing Sky Challenge Course is super for children and Adults from 6 years and up. Great for all types of groups, schools, Stag’s and Hen’s, Birthday Parties etc.

Our New Sky Challenge Course (a theme park in the sky) will make you enjoy the thrills and rushes of a myriad of activities while elevated above the ground. This is truly gut-wrenching stuff but the buzz elicited is worth every second of the challenge. With Zip lines off the top and Free Fall Jumps, there really is something for everyone.

The Sky Challenge Adventure – Can you complete our 3 levels?

There are 3 levels to the course and it is non-competitive and to be done at the participant’s own respected pace. Although there will be an instructor present for your personal safety and to accommodate your needs, the course can be completed in any number of combinations at your own discretion; so really the approach taken is all up to you!.New High Ropes Course, Westp

included in the activity are: a sixty-meter Skyline, various steps, ropes and platforms for the participant’s feet, and a number of ropes, bars and handles for the participant’s hands. We have elements from the Postman’s Walk and the Islands in the Sky, to the Heebie Jeebie.

Not all integrated parts are stationary and many are suspended, so there will be sections of the course where you will sway back and forth ‘in monkey-like fashion’. The longest mid-air point-to-point passage within the course (aside from the skyline) is what we call ‘The Leap of Faith’ in which the person lunges forward from their plateau in a mid-air attempt to ‘high five’ a large soft foam hand. When it comes to all-in-one structure fun, it really doesn’t get any better than this.

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