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We offer a variety of courses and fun for all the Family. After the Instructors have given the Safety brief and you have learned from our experts you are ready to try your skills.

Traditional Archery Events

Our instructors have lots of experience with field archery derby, archery leader, and other types of traditional archery events. Its so much more easier when you learn from trained professionals, you skills will improve very quickly in a safe and comfortable environment.
The Adventure Islands can give you the same level of archery instruction and training as the best Archery schools in the country. When you choose the Adventure Islands, though, you don’t have to go far to participate in the lessons that you need to start enjoying traditional archery events. Instead, you get to learn the basic skills in a 1.5-hour class in Westport, Ireland.
Archery Equipment at The Adventure Islands
Guests who learn archery from the experts at The Adventure Islands can use a wide variety of equipment. This includes arrows, quivers, and targets. You can even choose a bow for you that is easy for you to use. You can enjoy yourself with a well prepared bow that matches your skill level.
Age: 8 Years and up
Price: €16 Adult, €13 child
Open all year around

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