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Halloween Fest, Westport House

Halloween Fest, Westport House

Oct 26th - 31st, Westport House, €70, 11am - 5 pm Are you ready to scare yourself silly this Halloween?! Westport House will be hosting it’s annual Halloween Fest in…

Six Unmissable Westport House Attractions

Six Unmissable Westport House Attractions

The Gardens The wonderful, lush estate of Westport House is being extensively and sensitively restored, with some major landscaping projects underway. Many have been finished, while others are ongoing.…

Summer Holiday Deals In Westport

Summer Holiday Deals in Westport

From the picturesque beaches of Clew Bay to lively nights out, summers in Westport are marked by fun, great food and lots of exploration. It's never too early to start…

Five Things To Do In Westport At Easter

Five things to do in Westport at Easter

Spring is in the air, the trees are in blossom … and chocolate is on everyone’s lips – yes, it’s Easter, and one of the nicest times of the year…

Spring Hotel Deals In Westport

Spring Hotel Deals in Westport

Spring is a great time to visit Westport. Outside the hustle and bustle of the summer season, it’s the perfect time to watch the town really come to life. We…

Why Visit Westport?

Why visit Westport?

Bustling, vibrant, colourful and cultural, Westport rivals any Riviera town. Our wild and rugged beach-laden coastline is the envy of mainland Europe, our Clew Bay islands are more numerous than any exotic archipelago, and our seas are home to countless wildlife wonders, from basking sharks to humpback whales.
Westport House Halloween Fest 2018

Westport House Halloween Fest 2018

The annual Westport House Halloween Fest for children runs on October 21 and 22, as well as from October 27 to 31. Stately becomes spooky as Westport House is transformed…

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