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Kitesurfing in Mayo


A kitesurfer at Keel beach, Achill island

A kitesurfer at Keel beach, Achill island. Pic: Mark Waters/Creative Commons

Kite surfing, the world’s fastest growing adventure sport and the most exciting development in wind board sports, has seen a dramatic rise in Mayo in recent years.

Kitesurfing combines the glide of surfing, the speed of wind surfing, the all-over workout of stand up paddle boarding and more adrenaline-pumping excitement than all three!

Mayo’s coastline is perfect for kitesurfing in Westport, Achill island and on The Mullet peninsula and there are plenty of options for the beginner. Clew Bay is great place to learn how to kitesurf safely. The protected waters of Clew Bay and Achill island have consistent wind speed and direction and beginners and enthusiasts can practice without worrying about boats getting in the way.

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Learning to kitesurf

Over the past decade, kitesurfing lessons have exploded in number around the world. Mayo has providers of all the kitesurfing equipment and instruction that you need to start enjoying this new water sport.

The Adventure Islands has a number expert kitesurfing instructors. They have experience with a variety of styles including wakestyle, freestyle, waveriding, cruising, and even jumping. This means you can learn the tricks that interest you most but more importantly it also means that you or your group can work closely with an instructor who knows the safety guidelines which allows everyone to have a great time without the worry of getting hurt.

Kitesurfing rental

The Adventure Islands has all the gear that you need to kitesurf available to rent. They can help you choose the types of boards and kites that are appropriate for your level of experience.



Pic: Mark Waters/Creative Commons

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