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Westport’s Bike Buffet joins Westportif

Westport’s Bike Buffet joins Westportif

Westport Smarter Travel held its first ever Bike Buffet during the Spring Forward Celebration in April. The Bike Buffet was the highlight of the Spring Forward Celebrations. 60 hungry cyclists met up in the Mill Times Hotel for Mocktails and from there they began their cycling dining adventure. It began by cycling along the Greenway to the Westport Coast Hotel where cyclists were treated to delicious starters, then on through the beautiful grounds on Westport House to Gracys for some gourmet pizza and live music. Next the cyclists had to tackle the Quay hill but the downhill all the way to the main course in Hotel Westport made it all worthwhile. With full bellies the group of cyclist headed off around town with bells ringing and lights on to the final destination, the Clew Bay Hotel, for dessert and to watch the Westport Smarter Travel film entries.

“Fantastic night – so proud to live here”, “A really Smart idea – loved it”, “Excellent night, perfectly timed. When is the next one?” was just some of the very positive feedback received on the night.

The second Bike Buffet took place on Friday June 6th and organisers had to turn people away as it was fully booked. Despite the torrential rain preceding the event participants cycled their way around Westport to enjoy the fine cuisine and everyone managed to stay dry as all the rain had passed by the time it got started. The next Bike Buffet will take place on July 18th coinciding with the Westportif weekend.  For more information on the next Bike Buffet contact

You can see what the Bike Buffet is all about by checking out

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