Location:  Tertulia

Date: 13 - 13 May

Join Tertulia on May 13th at 7.30pm for an evening with Kathleen McMahon, author of the recently published "The Home Scar". Come and participate in an engaging discussion, along with a glass of wine or coffee.

In her book, Kathleen McMahon takes readers on a journey of exploration into family relations, telling the story of half-siblings Cassie and Christo, who decide to go to Ireland to find an ancient forest on a beach in Connemara. Along the way, they discover the power of the landscape to bring buried emotions to the surface, leading to a heartbreaking yet thoroughly engaging story.

Tertulia Book Reviews for the Mayo News has recommended "The Home Scar" as a beautiful story at many levels, with empathetic and charmingly quirky characters. Join Kathleen McMahon and Tertulia for an unforgettable discussion on May 13th.

Kathleen MacMahon – Author of recently published “The Home Scar”