Location:  Westport Town Hall

Date: 13 - 13 Oct

As a fellow early eighties Sagittarius, comedian Julie Jay’s life has had a lot of parallels with Britney Spears: Britney was a member of the Mickey Mouse Club, Julie was a member of the Poetry Club; Britney can sing like an angel, Julie was the only hearing child in her class of 30 who didn’t make the Confirmation Choir.

This dark comedy love letter is a nostalgia fest for anyone who has ever dropped to that Hit Me Baby beat. For anyone who came of age against the backdrop of nineties/noughties misogyny. For anyone who has wanted to be defined by their moments of joy rather than their moments of pain.

From the Bill Clinton/Monica Lewinsky scandal to the terrifying lows of noughties reality TV, 'Oops, This is Toxic' is a celebration not just of Britney, but of everyone who survived an era wherein Justin Timberlakes flew high while Janet Jacksons got grounded.*

(*Warning: this show may contain images of nineties and noughties fashion which some audience members may find upsetting)

"A joy to watch" JOANNE MCNALLY

"The brightest, funniest thing I've seen for a long, long time" TOMMY TIERNAN


One of Ireland's leading comedians" JOURNAL.IE