Theatre - Andrew Hannon - Stage Fright

Theatre - Andrew Hannon - Stage Fright

Location:  Westport Town Hall

Date: 21 - 21 Oct

A horror anthology stage play by Andrew Hannon.
After a daring prison escape, two convicts seek shelter from a snow storm in an abandoned theatre. But they are not alone. Hiding in the wings, the convicts witness the rehearsals of three spooky plays.

THE WOMAN A couple have some difficult choices to make after they run out of gas in the countryside where an escaped killer is on the loose.

MONSTERS A young waitress has the midnight shift from hell as she struggles to cope with a fast-food diner full of unpleasant patrons.

THE FINGER Behind on his rent, in love with a hooker and in debt to a notorious gangster, a man goes to extreme lengths to make some big money, fast.

Inspired by old school vintage horror, Stage Fright takes the screaming audience down a dark path full of twists and turns, all the way to a chilling finale.

First performed to a sold out and screaming audience in the Linenhall Arts Centre, Halloween 2019.