Mulranny has three loop walks. All three have substantial overlap.

The first two begin at the Community Centre carpark, where there is a mapboard with interesting historical and environmental information about the walk. The Causeway (6 km, blue arrows) and the Cushlecka (9km, red arrows) loops both proceed west along the road and turn left down the steps across from the local hotel. The loops continue across the causeway to the beach and turn right. After about 1km, the Causeway loop turns right up a small road; follow the blue arrows. But to take the longer Cushalecka loop, an extension of the Causeway Loop, follow the red arrows to climb to a spectacular viewpoint. After enjoying the view, retrace your steps and rejoin the Causeway loop, by turning left at the road and following the arrows back to the start at the Community Centre carpark.

A brochure with a map of these two loops is available here.

The third and newest loop walk (4km or 6km options) begins and ends at Mulranny Blue Flag beach, where there is a mapboard describing the trail and its features. Follow the red and black markers on the black marker posts as you walk up the ‘booster’ road, turning right onto the bog. You will pass Mulranny church and climb Lookout Hill. As you come down the other side of the hill, you will meet the Great Western Greenway, , where you have two options.

If you turn left, the final 2km of the longer 6 km loop takes you through woodland and up another small hill, with views of Clew Bay to the south and Bellacragher Bay to the northwest. The route brings you back around to the Greenway, where you cross and continue down through the hotel grounds to cross the road and head down the steps to the beach where you started.

Alternatively, the shorter option at the first crossing of the Greenway is to turn right. You will then come to the hotel, where you turn right, cross the road and head down to the causeway and beach, where the loop began. That completes the 4km loop.

A thorough discussion of the route, with map, is available here.