The Quayside Gallery

Discover the power of art on your next trip to Westport with a visit to The Quay Art Gallery.

The Quayside Gallery

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The Quayside Gallery is a contemporary gallery located in the heart of the Quay, just seven minutes by car from the wonderful town of Westport. This is a vibrant art gallery, created by acclaimed woodcrafter Joseph McDermott and renowned artist Saileen Drumm, which welcomes art lovers as well as first time curious, young and established art collectors.

The Gallery showcases the artistry, mastery and virtuosity of contemporary art and handmade Irish crafts. Experience the power of art - dream, discover and let your senses be wowed by handmade local and Irish crafts along with contemporary art. The Quayside Gallery takes pride in their fine work and are proud to showcase the magnificent masterpieces of a selected group of distinguished Irish artists.

Come, look and prepare to be taken away by the mysterious minds of great artists and crafters, as you engage with their delightful wonders! The Quayside Gallery is something special, a fountain of inspiration and insight. Gain the soul nourishment that only art provides at The Quayside Gallery!