Greenway Westport

Westport via Newport ➤ Mulranny ➤ Achill

The beginning of this 43.6 kilometre route crosses the Carrowbeg River and heads northwards towards Newport. You won’t actually join the Greenway proper until just after the 1 kilometre mark, but once you do, you’ll be able to take in all around you without the distraction of cars passing by... Bliss!

The spin between Westport and Newport ducks and dives through rolling hills, with brief glimpses of the vast Clew Bay popping up on your left-hand side. After 12.4 kilometres, you’ll roll into Newport across the impressive Seven Arches Bridge. Newport is a nice town to stop in but if you want to continue on, Mulranny is only another 17 kilometres away. About 1.7 kilometres past Newport, the Greenway deviates away from the road and into more rugged yet beautiful bogland. The tarmac-laden Greenway surface is a stark contrast to the terrain all around you! There’s a 3 kilometre climb just before you arrive into Mulranny, and the descent down into the town is very enjoyable. This sleepy seaside village is the perfect place to refuel before you head into An Corrán.

An Corrán is where the Greenway really comes into it’s own. The route rolls in and out beneath the road above through a number of bridges, before meandering slightly north and into the vast landscape of bogland, overlooked by the 452 metre Knocklettragh hill to the South. It’s a spectacular part of County Mayo that showcases the best of the Greenway. At this point, you’ll only have about 6.5 kilometres to go until you roll into Achill, where you can grab a nice bite to eat and enjoy the views!