Whether you’re into spa treatments, singing bowls or seaweed baths, Westport has just what your body and mind craves.

Many of the hotels in Westport boast state-of-the-art spas, each offering their own signature treatments. Knockranny House Hotel’s Spa Salveo offers everything from warm bamboo massages to detoxifying spirulina wraps. Feel like a little bit of India in the west? Spa Veda at the Westport Coast Hotel offers a range of rejuvenating Ayurvedic treatments. Head to Westport Plaza’s Spa Sula Thermal Suites and find a tranquil sanctuary – and an outdoor hottub. Senses Spa at Hotel Westport offers a taste of Turkey with a hammam experience and traditional mud and steam treatments. Or enjoy a salt glow scrub and a warm oil foot massage at Westport Woods Hotel’s Beech Club Spa.

2. Yoga

Westport has become a bit of yoga mecca. With numerous drop-in classes and sessions available all over the town, yogis are spoiled for choice. Well worth checking out is The Yoga Root, Westport's only dedicated yoga studio located at The Quay. The studio has fast become very popular with both locals and visitors. Classes and workshops on offer are suitable for complete beginners and those who are more dedicated to their practice.

  Ways To Detox in Westport - Destination Westport
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Unblock energy lines and feel stresses slip away in a bath of sound, courtesy of Sídhe Sound Healing. Allow the therapeutic vibrations and sounds of gongs, Tibetan singing bowls and other tools recalibrate your mind and body, for deep relaxation and restorative meditation. Choose from one-to-one sound healing and sound baths, group sound and gong baths, shamanic healing and soul retrieval, reiki, holistic massage, magnified healing and past-life regression.

The restorative properties of fresh sea air have been touted for millennia – and with good reason. The negative ions in salty sea air are said to accelerate oxygen absorption and balance serotonin levels, boosting our mood and relieving stress. And a stroll along any one of the spectacular beaches that lie just outside Westport will prove it! Breathe in the clean salt air and let the sound of the Atlantic ocean roll over your senses, calming your mind and washing away busy thoughts. Bertra, Lecanvey Beach, Old Head, Carrownisky, Carramore, Mulranny and Silver Strand are all within a short drive from the town.

Could anything be more rejuvenating and detoxifying than a January plunge in the wild Atlantic? For those brave enough, the rewards are many. Let the salt water and seaweed draw out all those toxins, and feel your circulation come alive! Run screaming into the waves at Bertra, step gently into the sea at the new slipway at The Point at Westport Quay, or go pier jumping at Old Head or Lecanvey – whatever way you choose to do it, you won’t regret it.

Want the benefits of the sea without the cold breeze? No problem. Luxuriate in a hot bath filled with locally sourced seaweed, and allow the therapeutic wrack’s minerals, vitamins and trace elements work their magic on your skin, leaving it soft, silky and hydrated. Lie back in steamy, slippery, seaweedy heaven and feel your muscles soften as they release all that tiredness and tension. Check out the seaweed baths at the Westport Woods Hotel’s Beech Club Spa, or take a spin down to Leenane for a salt-water seaweed bath in the Leenane Hotel’s Connemara Seaweed Baths.

For those looking for a truly immersive experience, check out Cloona Health Centre just outside the town, beside beautiful Brackloon Woods, which offers a range of residential health retreats that include daily yoga. A mere ferry hop away, Clare Island’s Macalla Farm retreat centre offers mindfulness, food preparation and yoga courses. You can even practise ‘equine assisted mindfulness’ through interactive activities with the farm’s ponies and horses.